I painted and built a stratocaster from a Harley Benton guitar kit. I’ve recorded the process in 5 parts.


Here it is finished:


Part 1 is done after sanding the whole body to 400 grit. A first few layers of stain is applied.

Part 2 is applying more layers of stain for a deep blue colour.

Part 3 is applying the first layers of lacquer.

Part 4 is applying the remaining layers of lacquer.

Part 5 is the assembly of all the parts.

Used parts:

Guitar kit https://www.thomann.de/harley_benton_eguitar_kit.htm#

Stunning Stains https://crimsonguitars.com/store/luthiers-tools/stunning-stains/

Guitar Finishing oil http://crimsonguitars.com/store/guitar-finishing-oil/

Recorded using a Canon 760D Music by Bensound.com